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September 4, 2013
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Todo Journal Skin by LabLayers Todo Journal Skin by LabLayers

Introducing Todo.

It's a simple to-do list journal skin, fully customizable to whatever color you want. From the subtle hover effects to the "stacked paper" feeling, everything is arranged to be pixel-perfect and easy to use.


This journal skin is free to install, use, and modify.
:bulletred: The cute lil' monster is designed to be pixel-perfect.
:bulletorange: Easy to customize -- just click "Edit Skin" and you will see guided instructions!
:bulletyellow: Great for jotting things down
:bulletgreen: Responsive design (still beautiful and functional on dA mobile)
:bulletblue: Support for legacy moods (if you are eating a Chipotle Burrito, let it out!)
:bulletpurple: Created with love by a broke student. (Why not?)
:bulletblack: Need help? Find an imperfection? SOS? Just comment and I will reply in a timely manner. I will go out my way to do what it takes to make something right!

:groups: This journal skin also work for groups.

Live Preview

Prepare to be aww-mazed!
School SuppliesThis is a demo of the Todo Journal Skin. You can easily customize this journal skin to whatever color you desire. 
As a bonus, this journal skin is fully compatible with's Rich Text Editor. You can simply select "H1 Title" and start typing list items underneath.
List Header (H1)
Words to think about... 
This is a checked item.This item is checked and has a strikethrough down the middle.
Here's a blockquote:
Hey look, it's Justin Bieber! 
- Abe Lincoln
Todo List 9/14I'm back on the internet, summer is over, and I'm once again back in full swing! My goal is to get all of this done in the next 10 days and hopefully everything will work out from there!
(As a bonus, I don't have school on Thursday and Friday. Wishing a happy new year to all of my Jewish friends, and as always... Shana Tova!) 
Journals To Post
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Journals Skins to Work On
This Very Journal Skin! Journal Skin(Secret Project)
Things to Post
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TO-DO LISTAgenda-List

AT with ~CocatrolaFinishing painting WizRemaking Fantasy charactersFinish new ocsFinish Leon's refBegin making minor oc refsMake a quickie icon
stay sugoi
Gift for michieQuick icon for kathypixel for jen winkwink
Do a christmas theme picGroup pic???Play with compositionRain-ponchos.. Writer Usage

It's simple: Use writer like you normally would.

:bulletblack: To create a todo list, select "H1 Header" under headings then click the bullet button.

To create a blockquote, click the quote icon.
To align/bold/italic/underline text, there are buttons for that, too! :D

CSS Documentation

To access the CSS editor, just click "Edit Skin" then click "Save As" when you are done. The first should read like this, just replace #29A8F0 with the colors of your dreams:

/* Color Accent Configuration - Links and Box Hover
Replace #29A8F0 with the color of your dreams!
Check out for a palette.

a {
color: #29A8F0 !important;

li:hover:after {
border: 1px solid #29A8F0 !important;
box-shadow: 0 1px 1px #29A8F0 !important;

HTML Documentation (Advanced)

This for use with the advanced HTML editor. Remember to remove the spaces!

List Header
<h1>This is a list header.</h1><ul>{LIST}</ul>

List Without Header

List Example
<li>Regular Item</li>
<li>Item that contains a thumb. :thumbXXX:</li>
<li>Item that contains a video. <da:embed...></li>
<li class="striked">Item that has a Strikethrough</li>
<li class="checked">Item that is Checked</li>
<li class="checked striked">Item that is Checked and has a Strikethrough</li>

<blockquote>This is a blockquote.</blockquote>

Feedback (please!)

Please leave comments and :+fav: if you liked this! If you need any help or would like a customization, don't hesitate to comment! I value your feedback.

:new: Colors!

Since I love you all for the DD... I have a special gift for everyone: I will repost this journal skin in different flavors! Special thanks to =SimplySilent and `GillianIvy for the suggestion and ^ginkgografix for the win! :heart:
Tangy Red, Lime Green, and Skeumorphic Notepad (gasp!):

No Premium Membership?

If you don't have a premium membership, no worries! There's always the good ole plz accounts! And check out #BasicMembers for more awesome resources...
:iconcheckmarkplz: Like This!
:iconpointslaplz: And This!
:iconlaredbirdplz: And Thisss!

This journal skin is Open Source. Feel free to take what you've learned from the code and apply it to your awesome creations... I'd love to see what you come up with!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-09-08
With a simple but elegant design, this lovely Todo Journal Skin by =LabLayers has been expertly coded to help keep all of your tasks in stylish order.

Also suggested by `GillianIvy.

[dA Related / dA Skins & Scripts / Journal & Gallery Skins / Installable Journal Skins] ( Suggested by SimplySilent and Featured by ginkgografix )
Insanerst Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014   Digital Artist
With the use of and this journal skin combined, I can finally get that hugeass to do list off of my profile *w* Thank you so much for making this feiughfdiug
NinjaSk8er Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013  Student General Artist
This is something I have never imagined before... it is creative and simple. I hope I can use this :thanks:
CypherVisor Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013
Congrats on the DD! Simple yet effective skin. :nod:
LabLayers Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Thanks! :la:
mirz-alt Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013   General Artist
Just what I need. thank you!
LabLayers Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Enjoy! :love:
bloedzuigerbloed Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love that haiku.
LabLayers Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Student Interface Designer
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